Author: Nikki Burns-Symons

PFL Grateful for Donation

PFL Accepts Major Grant

Paws for Love would once again like to thank the Kerri Chase Memorial Animal Welfare Fund and Thunder Bay Community Foundation for the grant received in late 2018. This money was used to rescue 20 adult dogs from a variety

Oliver: The Little Dog Who Would Not Give Up

Oliver has the soul and spirit of a warrior. After being hit by a truck, he ended up in Dryden for medical care. Dr. Egli of Hillcrest Animal Clinic performed major surgery on his left leg and hip and inserted

The Story of Cushion

Cushion arrived in Thunder Bay by plane late one night in April 2014. He was scheduled to see a veterinarian the following morning to treat his right ear which had been ripped in a dog fight. Unfortunately, the boy got

Happy forever tails

And their tales keep on wagging!

Some Frequently Asked Questions…

How much are adoption fees? Adult dogs (over 5 months) are all spayed/neutered, have a complete set of vaccinations and are microchipped. Their adoption fee is $275. Dogs under 5 months are considered puppies and will have one or two

Special Girl turns her Birthday Party into a Fundraising Event

Today was a very special day for Paws for Love puppies! To celebrate her 12th birthday, Cassia Hall’s family rented a hall and had a puppy party . We brought seven puppies from one litter to the party to help