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Special PawsHere you will find stories about ‘special’ cases. These dogs have all undergone some traumatic experience…but their stories have happy endings.


UPDATE ON ONE EYE BOY !!!! Okay this boy who his name is Gus now . Went to the vets today . His eye is good just has a scratch on his lens lol but its fine the wound is

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Hello friends, this is Doug. He is one of our newer rescue puppies. Sadly, Doug will not be moving on to his forever family anytime soon. On July 8, Doug was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition known as “canine mega

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Suzie came into care with her litter of 9 puppies . She was a amazing mom with them all . They all went up for adoption and found amazing families. \When it was time to spay Suzie the vet found

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This boy has flown in from a remote reserve. He was caught in a trap and then someone left him there after they found him and opened the trap ,.By the time the boy dragged himself to a special person

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Welcome to the rescue and your new life, full of love , hope and lots of amazing care. This boy was attacked by a larger dog on a reserve and is now paralyzed on his back legs with no bowel

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This girl came from a remote reserve with a snare caught around her leg. We managed to save the foot . Her name is Gracie and she is reuperating

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GOOD NEWS FOR KING!!!! . Our second rescue is going to be fine !!!!! His broken leg has been fixed and he is neutered too lol . Operation went well Dr Hanson just finished up . He pulled through it

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HAZEL UPDATE :: Northwestern vets just called . Hazel has a dislocated hip. They cant just pop it in because since its been a few days its stretched out and the hip will pop back out . So he is

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R.I.P. Johnny …. You were so sweet and small. You fought so hard for these past couple days to get better . We did everything we could to try and give you the strength you needed. You found love though

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Little Face

LittleĀ  Face came into care July 5 and had 2 emergency vetting appts to save her life. $1000 later she is now trying to come out of her shell. She is terrified of human contact and is slowly getting her

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