Month: April 2021


Cooper is a Roti cross who came from Sachigo Lake after he was found by the police laying next to some antifreeze. Glen Darlow, Sachigo’s answer to Dr. Dolittle, fed Cooper oatmeal and milk and anything else he could think

Second Chance

I must admit that when we adopted our little Archer puppy, I had my doubts. Archer’s start was a bit of a tough one. When he came into care with Paws for Love, he only weighed a couple of pounds


I fell in love with Sassy the moment I saw her photo on the Paws for Love website. It’s not like she was cute and adorable – no, she was a mess: sick with mastitis, thin, and her eyes had


When Molly arrived at her foster home she was covered with ticks, her coat was matted, she showed signs of malnourishment – and she was pregnant. Micheline, her foster mom, along with a neighbour and her daughter, helped removed the

Foxy, now Moxie

Foxy – now called Moxie – surprised everyone with ten puppies when she gave birth at her foster’s home. Imagine ten cute cuddly ragamuffins to look after! It could have been only nine puppies but thanks to Micheline, Puppy Queen


Shortly after Violet came into one of our foster’s care she had a freak accident out in the bush and couldn’t walk. The only thing her foster mom, Micheline, figured could have happened was that something like a moose had

Furever Loved – 2021

From our hearts to yours!


After a harrowing experience with barb wire we’re happy to say that Gracie has recovered and doing very well! She is an amazing dog for patiently enduring this ordeal.

Paintball Anyone?

Putting the FUN into FUNdraiser!

Puppy Love

Ellie was a few months old when she came to Holly’s care. Her paw was damaged, broken from knuckle down (think rickets) and her shoulder was popped from its socket. Ellie went through three changes of her cast because puppies