crippledRest in peace Johnny. You were so sweet and small and you fought so hard these past couple days. We did everything we could to try and give you the strength you needed. Even though you’re gone now we’re happy that you found love. You were held and cuddled almost every minute of the day. Last night you slept on your foster mom’s chest all night. We’re sorry we couldn’t do more for you. Now you can run and be free with the rest of your litter! You will always be loved. Big thanks to Robin Jardine for rushing Johnny to the plane to get medical care and to Dr. Sue Legge for waiting for him to arrive and taking care of him and helping us these past couple days. The biggest thank you is to Rita Grenier Buchan who did everything possible to keep this boy alive and try and make him better. You’re free now, Johnny! Run and play and enjoy your life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.