Some Frequently Asked Questions…

How much are adoption fees?

Adult dogs (over 5 months) are all spayed/neutered,  have a complete set of vaccinations and are microchipped. Their adoption fee is $275. Dogs under 5 months are considered puppies and will have one or two sets of vaccinations, be microchipped and are not spayed or neutered yet.The fee is $275 and a signed spay/neuter contract is required,  but $100 of that is refunded as soon as the dog is altered.

Can I visit a dog before adopting it?

Once you have submitted your application, most definitely! We encourage you to contact us and make arrangements to visit the dog.


What should I consider before I adopt or foster?

  • Is anyone in your family allergic to animals?
  • Do you have very young children? A puppy can be a lot of work especially if you already have toddlers at home.
  • Do you like to keep your home pristine? Pets can shed, have accidents.
  • Do you work long hours? Do you really have time for a dog?
  • Are you trying to save money? Expect yearly costs for veterinarian visits: vaccines, spay/neuter if not complete at adoption, flea and tick prevention, food, toys etc. Are you adopting a dog that will need grooming every month?
  • Are you willing to expend time and money if your dog needs training?
  • Do your travel a lot? What will happen to your dog when you are away?
  • If you rent, will your landlord allow a dog?
  • Is everyone in your family happy to have a new furry addition?

What if I need help after adoption?

We are always here to answer questions and offer advice. We can recommend trainers, veterinarians and assist you in many ways as your new friend becomes a part of your family.

What if the adoption doesn’t work out?

Sometimes this happens. We will always take back any dog that has been adopted from us…whether it is two days, two weeks or two years later. In fact, we insist that our dogs be returned to us rather than sold, given to a family member or dropped off at a shelter. But we ask you not to act too quickly. Give yourself and the dog time to adjust. Bonding does not happen overnight and patience is a must.


I live in an apartment. Can I still adopt a dog from you?

The quick answer is yes…BUT…that really depends on the kind of dog you are applying to adopt. A large dog that needs a lot of exercise may not do well in an apartment, while a smaller dog or even a larger dog that is very calm and likes to lie around may do quite well. We will take all of this into consideration when making an adoption decision.

Why do you insist that existing dogs be spayed or neutered and vaccinated?

Paws for Love Dog Rescue is committed to spaying and neutering. All of our dogs over 5 months of age are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before going to their forever homes…no exceptions. Our veterinarians do not support pediatric spaying or neutering so we insist that all puppies be adopted with a signed spay-neuter contract. That contract is strictly enforced. Because of this commitment to dog population control, we insist that any dogs already in a family must be altered and vaccinated. The only exception might be a senior-aged dog. Vaccination ensures that your own pets as well as the newcomer are protected and that diseases are not being shared.

Why can’t I adopt two puppies from from the same litter?

Puppies from the same litter bond with each other quickly. They will play with each other and ignore their humans. We want the puppies to bond with their adoptive family and so we will only adopt out puppies from different litters who were born a few months apart.