Hello friends, this is Doug.
He is one of our newer rescue puppies.
Sadly, Doug will not be moving on to his forever family anytime soon.

On July 8, Doug was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition known as “canine mega esophagus”.

Doug started regurgitating and had aspirated. He was taken to see the vet and after an X-ray, he had confirmed aspiration pneumonia (which happens when foreign particles such as food or water are inhaled into the lungs). This in turn lead to the discovery that Doug in fact had Mega Esophagus, but it wasn’t a regular case of congenital MegaE, it was being caused by a condition called Persistent Right Aortic Arch- PRAA for short.

PRAA, or vascular ring anomaly, is a congenital anomaly of the blood vessels of the heart that result in constriction of the esophagus. Over time, the esophagus will grow and tighten the vessels, eventually closing the esophagus off completely.
This was terrifying news and Doug’s future looked extremely uncertain until Dr. Matt gave us some very, very hopeful news this week.

Although, very expensive, as most special treatments surgeries can be, Dr. Matt said that there is a very invasive corrective surgery that Doug can undergo to help, and possibly cure his condition.

Dr. Matt feels that Doug is the healthiest puppy with Mega E that he has ever dealt with! Doug is gaining weight and his pneumonia has cleared up!!!!

With that in mind, he feels that this surgery, at the University of Guelph or the University of Minnesota will be successful & will correct Dougs mega E and get rid of the PRAA. There are two procedures known to correct the issue, a Classic Thoracotomy (opening of the chest) or a Thoracoscopy.

We are now waiting to find out which University will accept Doug for the procedure. We should hear back from them sometime during this coming week.

In the mean time, Doug’s foster mom has built him a special Bailey chair to keep him upright while his food passes through the esophagus safely.

PRAA mega esophagus can be fatal if left untreated. We are hopeful that the surgery will be able to unwrap the valve from around his esophagus, giving him the chance to be a healthy boy.

This surgery has been successful at the University of Guelph and the University of Minnesota, to name a few within closest proximity to us.

We are reaching out to our supporters to ask for help to cover the cost of surgery for this deserving puppy. He is so strong and determined to be a fighter. Nothing gets him down, not even fighting off pneumonia twice! With our help, Doug has an extremely high chance of recovery!

You can donate be sending a etransfer to  (password Doug please ) or  we have a go fund me page up at