UPDATE ON ONE EYE BOY!  Gus went to the vets today and we found out his eye is going to be just fine! He has a scratch on his lens and the wound is limited to the  area close to his eye. An x-ray showed there was no damage to his head. Gus, however, has a fever from the infection on the side of his head but it’s clearing up now. Blood work was done to make sure that he’s not skinny due to illness and everything looked good on that. He’s not 6 months old, as we had originally thought, but more closer to a year due to the fact that he has full grown testicles already and all his teeth are adult. LOL! He is recovering very well and being spoiled in his foster home. Any donations to help with his vet bill (please call Crossroads at 939-2616) are greatly appreciated!  Thanks everyone!