The Story of ‘Cushion’

cushionCushion arrived in Thunder Bay by plane late one night in April 2014. He was scheduled to see a veterinarian the following morning  to treat his right ear which had been ripped in a dog fight. Unfortunately, the boy got spooked when he went out for a pee and a car backfired and he scaled his foster home fence and took off. For 29 days he was a Facebook sensation… as everyone in town including the Paws for Love family, the Facebook  group Search and Rescue for Lost Pets in Thunder Bay and many individuals too numerous to mention organized searches for this boy. chloe and cedar 3But Cushion, being the master escape artist that he was would not be caught. Many individuals spent sleepless nights searching, praying, preparing food for this boy. He was seen in all corners of the Thunder Bay area from Terry Fox monument, to Westfort, to the Grain elevators to Sistanen’s Corner. Gradually his area of travel got smaller and smaller and finally Cushion followed a nice man and his dog home…and later that night, entered the man’s house. We always joke about how no one actually caught him…he just finally turned himself in. Cushion is now “Cedar” and lives with a family who love him dearly. He also has a girlfriend…and her name is Chloe and they are a totally bonded pair. A wonderful happy ending to what could have been a tragic story….and thanks as always to all the people who searched tirelessly for his boy.