Hi my name is Max . I am 5 years old male husky mix. I weigh 55 pounds . I am vaccinated , microchipped and my neuter is booked (rescue pays) . I am so sweet and loving but a bit cautious still . On the remote reserve no one could pet me but now I realize that petting is awesome and I love it . Everyone fed me on the reserve but i didnt have a main home. I get excited when new people come into the house and my fears are all going away. I have learned now to walk on a leash now and you should see how beautiful I prance and my tail just stands straight up in the air and its so beautiful and puffy now that I am bathed and brushed.I am not a jumpy dog and great with kids of all ages. I also am great with all dogs. Cats are interesting I spend time staring at them in the next room . I have not had one accident in the house and I do not lift my leg and mark in the house . I havent experienced lying on a couch yet but i sure love the dog bed. I am looking for a house with a fenced in yard cause i dont want be that husky tied on a leash . If you are looking for a buddy to love , walk and play with please fill out a adoption form . Remember I am not a hyper husky I have mellowed out now and enjoying my new life its the best. Hoping I can do a trial with the perfect family that i have never had . Love Max