About Us


We are dedicated to helping as many homeless puppies/dogs as possible to find loving forever families


  • We accept puppies/dogs from any community where they are in danger of abuse, neglect, dog culls, disease and starvation.
  • We arrange to bring them to Thunder Bay via air or car transfer.
  • We ensure that they see a veterinarian as soon as possible after they arrive in our care
  • We provide all required medication, surgery and vaccinations.
  • All our puppies and dogs are placed in caring foster homes.
  • All of our foster homes have undergone a comprehensive application and home visit process.
  • All our puppies and dogs are quarantined for two weeks.
  • All dogs over 5 months are spayed or neutered.
  • Since our Veterinary Clinic does not generally endorse pediatric surgeries, all of our puppies under 5 months require a strictly enforced spay/neuter contract prior to adoption.
  • All prospective adoptive parents must fill out a comprehensive adoption form and allow a home visit.
  • Our objective is to match our puppies/dogs with the perfect family


Paws for Love Dog Rescue Thunder Bay is committed to the health and well-being of all dogs. We strongly believe that the answer to animal over-population is spaying and neutering. As a result, we also advocate for mobile spay/neuter clinics in communities where there is no regular vet care. In the absence of this care, we will always do what we can to save the life of an adult dog or puppy.